GraphQl Voyager?

Would love to see GraphQL Voyager integrated on the Data API Explorer tab. We’ve been using 8base as a fast and powerful way to architect a data schema before handing things off to engineers, and an ERD like Voyager would make the handoff conversations really efficient

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I’ve not yet played with Voyager! How have you been using it currently in conjunction with your schema?

Voyager is an interactive graph representing the GraphQL API’s schema. This is something we have been discussing for a bit. However, how do you compare the need for this versus the need for an entity-relationship diagram of the data schema defined in 8base’s Data Builder?

I honestly haven’t used it yet because I’m not a developer but it looks really useful for handoffs. What we do currently is actually use Airtable to create our data schema and then have it spit out a bunch of formatted text that we can then copy and paste into

Being able to simultaneously create the backend, fill it with sample data, and have it auto-generate some visual/interactive documentation would be pretty powerful

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I’d be interested in something like GraphQL Voyager or an ERD to help visualize my data model. :+1:

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Revisiting this one – we could really use something to parse the JSON (intelligently) into an ERD. There are a lot of folks on the periphery of the projects which could use a database model which isn’t within the app itself.

Are there any tools to parse this quickly?