Generic Error logging

What’s your idea?

The logs for functions are great! (except there needs to be a way to clear them and some optimization on fetching)

But several times I wished there was a place where I could see generic GraphQL error logs on 8base. I ended up sending GrraphQL errors to my analytics system as a temporary way to check for the most important error areas like signup & cancel subscription. But it would be fantastic if 8base could catch any GraphQL error and log it for viewing later.

Show what query / mutation caused it, when, what the error was

Even better if it could show a chart of errors this week or even just a number of errors “today” in your dashboard. This would be great to pinpoint what’s going wrong where.

What problem might it solve?

Make debugging and monitoring a lot easier.

Any ideas on how you think it could/should work?

The easiest implementation would just be similar to function logs. But you could make it even better by splitting it up by query/mutation types.

So you could see 4 errors in userSignupWithpassword mutation, and 2 errors in articleList query for example.

Hey @MarkLyck

We have some time set aside this month to do a deep dive on errors, permissions, and users/team. Thanks for the suggestions here and I’ll make sure to bring them up when we chat!


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