Form Slider.value always returns 0 in Appbuilder, regardless of slider position

I’ve tested mainly with range sliders.
I just can’t seem to get it to work

The onChange event:

(event) => {

Will never update the sliders value.

and since you cannot change the header to look something like

(event, value) => {


(event, value) => {
Slider.setValue(value as number)

I can’t seem to find a way to make it work (even with functions as I can’t seem to find how to feed the data from onChange into it.)

Perhaps It has something to do with needing an array?

This is a copy pasta of the value field of slider from the documentation:

value number Defines the value of the slider. A ranged slider requires an array of two values.

But i’ve also tried every which way of

  1. Creating the default values in an array instead of just a number to initialise it
  2. Calling with an array specifier at the end like so: Slider.value[1] (1, in theory to get the max value, 0 being the min)
  3. Setting the Value onChange as if it where an array.

Has anyone found a way to do it? Is the functionality not fully implemented i.e. beta is beta?

Perhaps I’m missing something obvious.

Nice to meet you @IntrepidShape

Ranged sliders are not fully implemented yet, as the generated code assumes the value to be a solo number. We’ll add it soon.