Filter by null in UI? Click on field to jump to row?

Being able to add and edit data in the 8base UI is a huge win when creating an app, since you can easily create data when your app is at an early stage and is read-only. It would be even better with a few additions:

Being able to filter tables by null. Right now, you can filter by associated table fields, which is awesome in itself, but you can’t filter for null references. What is possible is sorting by the associated table’s id (or any field), so you can sort the null items first.

Seeing associated table data in the row of a table is another huge advantage. The next step would being able to click on those fields and have it jump to that row in the table. Currently, you need to remember the name, then go to that table and find it.

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We also need:

  • A Markdown Editor or field type
  • An HTML Editor or WYSWYG editor, or HTML field type


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Thanks Mike and Angel. What about inline editing? How do you feel about that feature?

That could also also be interesting, instead of having to click the small edit button on each row. But how would the multi-select drop-downs work inline? They’re fairly wide in the modal so easy to edit, and I think a more complicated problem to solve. Lower hanging fruit might be making the ID clickable, so at least the click area is larger to edit a row.

Another quick win could be adding Previous / Next arrows on the modal when editing an item, so that we can quickly edit items. Ideally, using Left / Right Arrows on the keyboard would take us to the previous / next item.

Maybe Alt/Ctrl/Cmd Left/Right so that when editing a field you can still use the arrow keys. On Mac Music, you can go to the next song with Cmd + → for example.

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Hey Mike, great suggestion. From a UX design perspective, the keyboard usage you just suggested is a little bit over-engineered :grimacing:The standard from switching from one item to the user is generally a simple Left/Right arrow (e.g Airtable).



Super cool Angel. Thanks for sharing!