File associated with VoiceMail table item, it's returning null unless you were the one who uploaded the file

Hello guys, first time posting here

I’m having an issue with the voicemails of my applications, I upload them to filestack and assign the download url and id to the audio field of the voicemail item in the database

The problem I’m facing is with public voicemails, since when users that didn’t upload that voicemail audio cannot receive the correct url

my roles are good, I even can run the query from the API Explorer and it returns the audio url correctly

But when I’m running the query from my React App or Postman with the same auth setup, the audio returns null

What could be happening here?

Hey there, it’s a Roles and Permissions issue. Feel free to share your role configuration for the Read operation on the Files table.

Hey Sebastian!

My permissions for the Files table are open to all records on Read for the roles trying to access.

The records return correctly on API Explorer but not when using the app
This is my config for the Files table on Agents and Managers on my app

Hey @ruben.escaray and the Agent/Manager role is associated with the user or API token that you’re using when making the request from React App or Postman?