[Feature Request] when creating a new graphql column, don't interrupt the user asking them to save changes

Instead of interrupting the user, simply save the unfinished database column on the frontend, and allow the user to come back to it later. This feels a bit disruptive when working with the product for the first time.

Also, it’s pretty safe to assume that if I change the name of an entry, and click away, that I want to change the name. Having to explicitly click “Save Changes” every time is annoying. Have the user Apply Changes once they are done editing - this will also eliminate the freezes we experience every time a column is added.

The message above should really only be shown if we are leaving the page without saving the changes. Anything more than that feels redundant and cumbersome.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! We’ll discuss these issues with our team and think about this whole saving/leaving logic in Data Viewer.