[FEATURE] Persist Queries in API Explorer

I’m not sure whether this is an existing bug I’m calling out or a feature request. In any case, I find the current behavior of the API explorer in 8base quite cumbersome. Specifically, the way your most recent query is not persisted and instead replaced with the commented out welcome message when you navigate away and then return to the API explorer.

I find this quite odd, especially since I’ve found it inconsistent with the behavior of the “variables” panel which does seem to be persisted. I would love to see the query section persisted so I don’t have to remove the commented welcome message each time. +1 for just leaving the WIP query in place to return to.

Did something change? I remember going back and forth and it persisted most of the time. I’ve been using multiple tabs lately so I haven’t noticed.

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Yeah it looks like one of our recent updates changed that! We’ll try to restore it soon, even though a new feature we have coming out soon will allow to save and organize queries :slight_smile:

@benjibuiltit we’ve uploaded a fix yesterday. Could you please check and let us know if it works for you?

yep, looks like the issue has been resolved. :+1:

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