Export schema and data

Is there any way to export all datan and schema from 8base?


Of course! In the background, 8base spins up an Aurora MySQL database instance for your workspace.
MySQL is an open-source database used by millions of organizations worldwide. You own your data and can easily take it with you if you decide to migrate off of 8base.

You can read more about Amazon Aurora, My SQL and 8base services here:

Lada Kokotova | Technical Support Engineer

Is there any tutorial about how to export schema and data?

You need to use CLI command:

Export current - or specified - workspace data schema to a local file:

$ 8base export [OPTIONS]

You can read how to use CLI commands and how to use our platform in general here:

I’m sure that our docs will help you learn how to use our platform faster.

Lada Kokotova | Technical Support Engineer

As far as i know, with that command i just can export database schema, what i need to know is, how can i export data and schema?

To get the full dump, you can always make a request through a direct support ticket and we’ll provide you a dump of your database, data included.