Error: Cannot define graphql type for function "resolver"

I’m getting this error when trying to deploy the code.
Any idea what’s going on? How can I debug this issue?

Can you share the schema.graphql file?

Found the issue. Basically, the name that you use for the resolver in 8base.yml file needs to be the same as what you use in the .grapgql file when you extend type Query.

I have not seen this in the docs (maybe it is and I missed it), but the CLI should really provide better error messages and say what it attempts to do and what it fails so we can debug the issue faster.

Now I had to dig through the code of the CLI and see exactly what it attempted to do to be able to figure out what the issue was.


We’ll definitely update our documentation.

It’s so cool that you’re sharing your experience to improve our product. It can be very useful for other users. Thanks!

And about CLI:
We’re working on it. CLI should really provide better error messages. Can you give me more examples (if you noticed) of incorrect CLI messages? It will help us to improve more incorrect errors in CLI.

Lada Kokotova | Technical Support Engineer