Does 8Base support multitenant HIPAA compliance?

I am building a healthcare software company and am trying to evaluate 8base as a BaaS, specifically whether HIPAA compliance could be achieved inside this platform

Does 8Bases datamodel and authentication services support building a multitenant SaaS solution? If so, how?

Does 8Base support encryption at transit with its GraphQL api?

Can tenants or orgs inside a single 8Base datamodel instance support silo-ing an orgs database? If so how? One of the requirements of HIPAA is that databases of each customer or tenant are siloed from each other

I know these are super broad questions, but any advice or insight would be much appreciated.


I’ll give you a full response soon.

Lada Kokotova | Technical Support Engineer

I saw this question and decided I would chime in. We absolutely do support HIPAA compliance. 8base was founded with an eye for supporting the types of applications I’ve built in the past, most specifically CareCloud, which is a multi-tenant SaaS solution for healthcare providers in 50 different specialties across their financial, administrative, and clinical processes. Best for us to hop on a call and discuss the specifics. Feel free to reach me at and to schedule time.

Here are some specific answers to your questions:

  • 8base supports encryption at rest and in transit.
  • Multi-tenant can be easily configured and has been many times by our clients. It’s set up as a custom configuration in the role-based security section of the 8base console.
  • We have a segregated instance for clients that require HIPAA compliance that is different from our standard shared instance.
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Thank you Albert, this helps a lot. Ill be reaching out to you and Tim via email.