Does 8base offer Hosting?

Can I host my applications from 8base?
In other words, click deploy and link my custom domain so that it publishes? Similar to how Firebase offers Firebase Hosting

Hey @Adrianmed!

Currently we do not offer hosting, though can happily point you in the right direction if that’s something you’re looking for.

Maybe soon :slight_smile:

I was curious about this also. An SPA only needs a CDN to host the bundle and HTML. Amazon CloudFront seems like it could be integrated seamlessly.

I totally agree Mike! It just becomes a scope creep issue on our side.

I was thinking we could do some type of s3 static site hosting deployment tool. But then again, it may just be better made as a tutorial?

Yeah… scope creep, and another dependency and area of support / risk. A tutorial would be good, a list of ways / vendors to host, maybe even a partnership? :slight_smile:

I’m going to give a few of these a try:

Well, I tried Zeit Now, but it’s UI is a bit confusing. I couldn’t find a way to make it use “dist” as the output folder for my React SPA app. Also, I needed to refresh some pages after configuring… it didn’t update itself. Overall, the UI doesn’t feel polished.

Now I just tried Netlify, and it only took a few minutes to publish my app. It asked for the build command and publish directory up front, and then I said publish. I’m not sure about their pricing, but I do like the continuous deployment integration with GitHub.

Netflify is great. I’ve personally used s3 for built sites as it’s so affordable.

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I see hosting as a natural extension of the 8base platform. With that said, it’s so simple and provided by so many others, Netlify, Firebase, S3/CF, etc. that it’s hardly a solution to the problem that I look to 8base to solve. Would be nice to have, but not priority IMHO.