Does 8base offer Hosting?

Can I host my applications from 8base?
In other words, click deploy and link my custom domain so that it publishes? Similar to how Firebase offers Firebase Hosting

Hey @Adrianmed!

Currently we do not offer hosting, though can happily point you in the right direction if that’s something you’re looking for.

Maybe soon :slight_smile:

I was curious about this also. An SPA only needs a CDN to host the bundle and HTML. Amazon CloudFront seems like it could be integrated seamlessly.

I totally agree Mike! It just becomes a scope creep issue on our side.

I was thinking we could do some type of s3 static site hosting deployment tool. But then again, it may just be better made as a tutorial?

Yeah… scope creep, and another dependency and area of support / risk. A tutorial would be good, a list of ways / vendors to host, maybe even a partnership? :slight_smile:

I’m going to give a few of these a try:

Well, I tried Zeit Now, but it’s UI is a bit confusing. I couldn’t find a way to make it use “dist” as the output folder for my React SPA app. Also, I needed to refresh some pages after configuring… it didn’t update itself. Overall, the UI doesn’t feel polished.

Now I just tried Netlify, and it only took a few minutes to publish my app. It asked for the build command and publish directory up front, and then I said publish. I’m not sure about their pricing, but I do like the continuous deployment integration with GitHub.

Netflify is great. I’ve personally used s3 for built sites as it’s so affordable.

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I see hosting as a natural extension of the 8base platform. With that said, it’s so simple and provided by so many others, Netlify, Firebase, S3/CF, etc. that it’s hardly a solution to the problem that I look to 8base to solve. Would be nice to have, but not priority IMHO.

Sebastian, is there any progress being made in this direction? I think 8base really needs a hosting service.

@ivanjuras I don’t think it makes sense for 8base to become a web host provider. It’s a very far stretch from their current graphic as a service platform, which isn’t really related at all.

If you’re looking for an easy hosting solution I can highly recommend Vercel. It automatically deploys to a very stable and fast worldwide CDN when I merge anything to my master branch, and it’s very cheap and scalable (not just for hobby project)

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Hey @ivanjuras - thank for your comment. I’m curious to understand how you believe 8base offering hosting would be more valuable than using a Netlify, Vercel, or S3? Is there something specific to how you see 8base being able to do it better? Do you simply wish there were better hosting tutorials?

Netlify, and Vercel have worked great for me! @ivanjuras

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