Does 8base host the frontend?

I’m new to 8base and am trying to understand what it is exactly.

Most of my “dev” experience is with no code tools like Bubble. From what I can tell, when using 8base, the backend logic still needs to be written by someone in code (JS or TS). Is that correct?

Also, where would the frontend files be hosted for a web app powered by 8base? Would they be hosted on 8base along with the database and backend logic…or would those frontend files need to be hosted elsewhere (like on Netlify or something)?

Hey @Eddie,

Currently 8base is serverless backend-as-a-service and you need to write frontend application.

As for frontend files hosting we currently doesn’t have such option so I recommend you to use Netlify or similar.


I really like using and Netlify to host my front end and the backend logic is uploaded using 8Base Custom Functions