Do 8base have any plans to upgrade backend Nodejs runtime?

8base is now using Node14, full support for which ended this spring. This means that it will no longer even receive security updates, which could threaten projects that are currently using 8base.

Support for this version has also been dropped by NPM v10.

Hey @dmitry.dyachkov,

We’re working on this now and are hopefully having it done this quarter. We don’t have the specific details finalized, but essentially we are going to give the capability to specify which node version you would like to execute your functions with, as well as update the default nodejs runtime for future custom functions.

We don’t plan to just blanket update the runtime to the latest for all functions because although version 14 is passed its end of life date, updating versions across the board has the potential to break any currently deployed custom functions, which we don’t want to do.

Let me know if you have any more questions

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Thank you for your reply. Hopefully such an important thing will be notified.