[DISCUSSION] What starter apps should 8base build?

Hey everyone!

So currently we have two starter apps developed. They are:

Vue Starter App
React Starter App

The structure of these is simple; preconfigure each starter app to support Authentication and an API client by requiring the developer to ONLY specify a few environments variables. They’re not styled, nor have any “show off” functionalities.

This is a big change from the original React App-Example that we had, which came as a real-estate platform application.

So, from that we have two things:

  1. Do these seem valuable to you? We’re you approaching 8base for the first time, would a starter app like this help you get going on a new idea?

  2. Which frameworks should we develop these starter apps in? For example, here’s a list and please say whether you think certain ones are even relevant!

    • React
    • Vue
    • Angular
    • Ionic
    • React Native
    • NativeScript

Would really appreciate any feedback here :pray:

Hi Sebastian, I know this is an old discussion, but as this is a stumbling block for my 8base onboarding I thought I’d chime in with some thoughts.

  1. Getting clarity about which tools are needed for the job and how they are specifically used with 8base is what I’m missing. My guess is that, on the React side, something like this:
  • react-with-apollo-boost-and-auth0
  • react-with-8base-client-and-auth

And I would imagine, just the first one if it wins on criteria like:

  • the most production-ready
  • best documented
  • most popular
  • best maintained
  • easiest to use with best benefits
  1. And to show in the apps what seems to be the essential starter requirements:
  • Presenting data from graphql api without auth
  • Presenting data from graphql api with auth
  1. And consider tying it directly to your quickstart process. Consider the multi-step starter / quickstart / tutorial process of Nextjs and Apollo, which I think do this well:

And for whatever it’s worth:

  1. Whatever you build (and have built), it would be awesome to try to keep them super lightweight, up to date and decently documented. I see a package that is no longer maintained (Recompose… which also uses non-traditional component syntax? which makes jumping in quickly a chore), lots of vulnerabilities in outdated dependencies, and no/limited docs for the starter and limited clarity and limited docs about the dif 8base packages (no docs for @8base/react-sdk?)

  2. And more clarity: if 8base client is better than others like apollo-boost, tell us why. If it’s not better, why offer it? When you say 8base client is alt to apollo client, does that mean @8base/api-client @8base/app-provider & @8base/react-sdk (in the React case) or just the api-client package?

  3. Consider the Nextjs examples (on git hub: zeit/next.js/tree/canary/examples) approach which offers an easy-to-find library of how it works with other services that you build up over time, service by service. Such as:

  • with-vanilla-js
  • with-vue
  • with-react
  • with-react-native
  • with-nextjs
  • with-gatsby
  • with-react-and-8base-client
  • with-react-and-apollo-boost-client
  • with-react-and-auth0
  • with-react-and-8base-auth
  • etc

Hope this is helpful for onboarding more people to this great platform with less headaches in the future. Thanks much.

The one that would clarify 2 different projects for me is @apollo-client V3 with Auth0 and React Native… Maybe expo-auth-session included.

I agree. The React Native stuff is way out of date!