Custom field not exported from Users

I have a a custom field in Users (last field) that didn’t get exported when I did an “8base export -f data.json”. Any reason why it would do that? The name? That it’s the last field? I can investigate more tomorrow.

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Hey @mike_ekim1024 let us investigate it. I will back to you soon.

$ 8base logout
$ 8base login
Pick “Default Workspace”
8base export -f tables.json

I see no reference to my custom User field ‘Function’, which is type Text

@mike_ekim1024 export of users table is in to-do. We are going to add that soon. I will let you know when we could add it tomorrow.

Ok, I just assumed it would export Users, since I use it to export from one workspace to another (dev, staging, prod). It’s only one field, so it’s easy to add manually or add it to the json.

Import/export functionality in cli is temporarily unavailable and will be rethought and reimplemented in near future.