Creating an AI app based on 8base


Has anyone made an AI based app with 8base? Is it possible?

Hey there Jim,

I haven’t seen someone create a fully functional app with AI integrated just yet, although it’s definitely coming. That being said, I did create a video that documents how you can extend the GraphQL API to incorporate ChatGPT: 8base Academy - Extending your 8base GraphQL API with ChatGPT - YouTube

This is just a small example of the possibilities of using AI with 8base. Custom functions allows you extend your back end in any way needed to incorporate AI securely, and with the flexibility of the app builder to add JavaScript wherever it’s needed you shouldn’t be hindered on the front end either! That being said, if you had any more specific questions or ideas I’d love to discuss.

Thank you for reaching out Rey. Just watched the video. That’s great and it’s 1 year old already!

Currently I am testing/learning with JS to better understand some web related concepts. (I have some background with Python)

If I’m not mistaken I’m glad that App Builder is out of beta and ready for deployments and I was super excited when launching my project that there is a London region! For EU users like myself (Greece) this is more than awesome! Thank you!