Compilation failed when I'm trying to commit a migration

Issue Description: What’s happening?

I’m trying to run 8base migration commit but always failed and returns

error: Compilation failed:
Error: “node_modules/@types/babel__traverse/index.d.ts” (314,10): An index signature parameter type must be either ‘string’ or ‘number’.
Error: “node_modules/@types/node/events.d.ts” (109,43): A rest parameter must be of an array type.
Error: “/var/task/node_modules/@types/express-serve-static-core/index.d.ts” (496,18): Interface ‘Response’ incorrectly extends interface ‘ServerResponse’.
Property ‘req’ is optional in type ‘Response’ but required in type ‘ServerResponse’.

also, it happens too when I run migration status.

Reproduce the Issue: What steps can someone take to replicate the problem?

I’m in dev environment and I created tables and fields, so

  1. 8base migration generate —> ok
  2. 8base environment set -n “qa” —> ok
  3. 8base migration commit —> boom! crashed!

I tried to run 8base deploy and fails as well.

Expected Behavior: What did you expect to happen?

make full migration from one environment to another

Actual Behavior: What actually happened?

crash seconds later when I run migration commit or status or deploy

More details or screenshot

I have nodejs 20.11.0
8base.yml hast nodeVersion:20
This error starts 1moth ago when 8base update his cli to 0.1.0 version

I really appreciate your help!

For the record, I already delete node_modules and run npm install like 1000 times :confused:

Hi, @mavendano; Oscar Corcho here from 8base support. Please provide me with your workspace ID and the affected environment. Usually, this error is related to a problem with a library, please add

@types/babel__traverse”: “^7.20.5” to the package.json, delete node_modules. and install it again.

workspace id: cl306flig00ir09mgbzcdbi4m

and fails on all environments, qa_env, dev, Master

Still failing

Ok, I checked, and apparently, you have Husky Library installed on your code. Keep the babel_traverse library. Do the following steps. before, use the migration commit command.

rm -rf node_modules package-lock.json && npm cache clean --force && npm cache verify && npm I, and execute the 8base migration commit -m FULL command after that.

The problem is a problem in the compilation of your code.