Compilation errors when deploying functions

Im trying to use @aws-sdk/client-s3 package to create signed urls that allow me to upload objects into S3. The problem is that sometimes when im uploading i get a compilation error like this:

Following the traces error i can see that the problem happens with some types like Blob and ReadableStream that are not actually available on node environment. Also the compilation error is not constant, there were times when the code compiled and deployed correctly.


Also i have asked some coworkers to deploy and they achieved successfuly, The only difference between some of them and me is that i have ubuntu installed, don’t know if that can affect in anything.

@evgeny.semushin any ideas on how to approach this one?

I sometimes get the error and sometimes don’t. If i delete the package-lock.json and try to deploy, it always works.

That’s odd. I wonder what the AWS conflict is :face_with_monocle: