Code uncompressed size is greater than max allowed size

Hi, i want to deploy my CF to 8base, but when i try it says “Code uncompressed size is greater than max allowed size”


how can i solve this problem?

I was invastigating about the problem and i see that this is a limit for serverless functiosn that ia can deploy with AWS lambda, in amazon’s documentation says that i can use an Amazon S3 bucket if i need more space than 250 MB that it provides me, the problem is that i don’t know how to implementent it with 8base, is there any way to implement S3 bucket with 8base?

Sources: Lambda deployment packages - AWS Lambda

Hey @jetixsolorzano - unfortunately, we currently don’t have a way of allowing you to configure the S3 storage with the lambda deployment package. Notifying @timothy.myers here who can relay to our team the constraint and maybe they’ll have a workaround.