Code uncompressed size is greater than max allowed size when migrating

Hi, i wanted to migrate my files to “Staging” branch, but when i try executing " 8base migration status -e Development", but it is always showing me this message, how can i fix it, i really need it to migrate to the other branch

Hey @jetixsolorzano

Yes, it’s size of the generated project + node_modules. the max size is 250MB and this is an AWS restriction.

We suggest you decrease size of node_modules. The best way is to check package.json file if you can move dependencies from dependencies to devDependencies. The server skips devDependencies during compilation.

Hope this helps and let us know how you make out.

This error was because the migrations files that are generated by “8base migrations generate” are all the migrations files in the data base, so it is too much data, and i have to delete them all every time i want to migrate from one environment to another, is there any solution to this problem?

Actually, when i execute “8base migration status -e Development”, which is child branch from “Staging”, it shows me

but there are changes that are not applied

After that i executed “8base migration commit -e Staging -m ONLY_MIGRATIONS”, and everything seems to be fine.

Is there an error with the commands or is there a problem with my environments?

Actually, I need to know, is it safe to delete the cicdMigrations records once I already used them?
I saw that there was no problem in the forum:

Ah, got you - there is a scenario that occurred in a release a few months ago which caused the generation of more migrations than are required - when that happens you delete the ones that are not required and keep the ones that are and apply those.

Apologies the way you asked the question I didn’t even think about that.

Seems you’re good now from your last comment?

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