Cloud function tasks doesn't update the logs

Issue Description: What’s happening?

Old logs on cloud function task

Reproduce the Issue: What steps can someone take to replicate the problem?

  1. Update the cloud function with new logs messages
  2. deploy and execute
  3. See the logs on the 8base console or cli

Expected Behavior: What did you expect to happen?

see updated logs

Actual Behavior: What actually happened?

seeing old logs

More details or screenshot

How quickly are you trying to review? theres a delay…

@sebastian.scholl after researching this functions existed in the LOGIC tab, but it wasn’t being execute by the platform. It seems that this happens when there is more than one trigger associated to the same action on the same model, which is ok btw.

Is working now as I combine the trigger, but I think this should be explained in the docs.