Cloning Workspaces

Is it possible to clone workspaces?

I thought the CI/CD functionality would help with this, but it doesn’t seem to do what we would like.
The CI/CD workflow creates different environments within a workspace. What I really want to do is create a new workspace that is based off an existing one. Is that possible?

With regards to the CI/CD workflow, it worries me that in the documentation it states that it’s not possible to make changes to the master env once it has children. That is not what we would like. I’m trying to get to the point where we can have entirely independent prod, dev and test environments. We don’t particularly need to make migrations between them, although periodically bringing in new data from prod to the other envs might be useful.

We do not use or have any need for writing serverless functions. It seems like the CI/CD workflow is mainly aimed at people wanting to develop functions in short lived environments and then bring them into the master environment. That’s not what we need.

What we’d like is to have a copy of our prod env where we can create dummy data for testing without polluting the data in the prod env or putting any extra load on it. Occasionally we may want to make schema changes in the dev envs to test them out before making the same change in the prod env (which in most cases could be done manually).

Is there any functionality available to support our scenario?

I get you, but there is no such feature available at the moment, unfortunately. I guess the nearest workaround for your use case is to branch/delete every time you need to make changes to parent env or to update data. You can also use migrations for specific table data (migration generate -t <tableName>) to commit it to whatever environment you want (but I guess it’s not the option for you).
As I understand you will not have many schema/custom logic changes and will work mostly with data, so let me discuss this with the team though, maybe they will advice something for your flow.