CLI bugs for invoke and invoke-local

Invoking with path sends buffer instead of data
8base invoke-local <resolver name> -p <path to mock data> works fine, but 8base invoke <resolver name> -p <path to mock data> throws the error error: Variable "$data" got invalid value { type: "Buffer", data: [34, 116, 101, 115, 116, 34, 10] } at "data.inputArgs"; Expected type String. String cannot represent a non string value: { type: "Buffer", data: [34, 116, 101, 115, 116, 34, 10] }
Tested with the default mock JSON file and with text only in the file and gives this error regardless (just a longer buffer for bigger file).

Using mock flag throws error unknown argument
Using either -m or --mock flags throws Unknown argument: m or Unknown argument: mock respectively, and this happens for both invoke and invoke-local.

Using CLI version 0.0.79 - believe this is the latest, as I used npm update -g 8base-cli before testing the above

can you please try to do “npm install -g 8base-cli”.
Latest version is 0.0.90


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All working perfectly now thanks!
Little surprising that npm update -g 8base-cli clearly didn’t update it, but npm install -g 8base-cli did the trick so no worries.

Yeah this was a silly issue that got patch fixed in one of the last updates. Glad it’s sorted!