"Can't insert data. Value for field 'email' should not be null"

Issue Description: What’s happening?

When trying to create a new user, I get the error “Can’t insert data. Value for field ‘email’ should not be null” when obviously there is an email address added in the field.

Reproduce the Issue: What steps can someone take to replicate the problem?

  1. Create a new user
  2. Enter an email address into the email field
  3. Click the Add Row button

Expected Behavior: What did you expect to happen?

I expect a new user to be created

Actual Behavior: What actually happened?

The error above is shown

More details or screenshot


@mike_ekim1024 Do you have a “before trigger” for User by any chance? Can you please verify that it returns data in correct format

I might have created the trigger from an example, but it doesn’t do anything and haven’t had any issue. Is there a way to delete custom functions from the UI? I don’t need custom functions at this point.

btw, related to the cli, the documentation says the command “config” is available, but says it doesn’t exist and suggests to use “configure”. I think the docs are just out of date.

> 8base -v
> 8base config
Unknown command
Did you mean configure?


  8base config

I tried creating a new server project to use the latest examples and deploy it, but I just get the error “Something went wrong during deploy”.

> 8base -v
> 8base init server3
> cd server3
> 8base deploy
⠋ deploying... 
error: Something went wrong during deploy. Please contact support@8base.com if the error persists.
error: Time: 59,731 ms.

Is this resolved @mike_ekim1024?

In a separate email, Ilya wrote back “We will reply to you shortly.” But I still can’t create a user because of this trigger that was installed by the sample app, and I can’t delete the trigger because 8base deploy is having problems.

Does the above look correct, like it should work? Installing 8base, init, deploy. The error message doesn’t tell much. Is there a log file?

Hey Mike, deploy should be working (just did one myself).

Try running 8base init empty-server --empty so that no functions are being deployed…

Also, please share the workspace ID and we’ll check it out.

UPDATE: I added functions: [] to 8base.yml and was able to deploy.
init without --empty also seems to work, maybe a fix in 0.0.101?

$ 8base -v
$ 8base init empty-server --empty
$ cd empty-server
$ 8base deploy
error: Cannot read property ‘functions’ of undefined

I sent my workspace ID in an email.

Cool. Glad it’s working and please excuse the glitch!