Can't disconnect related records?

I’m trying to disconnect several related records per the docs below, and getting this error message - it will let me use create, connect, or reconnect, but not disconnect.

Note that in this case the related records have a mandatory relationship, so I expect ‘disconnect’ to delete them, and am happy to use the force parameter if required.

How can I disconnect related records?


I removed the mandatory relationship to test what happens and it lets me disconnect them now, which is good to know.

Current plan is to make the relationship not mandatory, but set up a daily task to go through and remove every related record that isn’t linked to a parent (in this case, parts without an order).

Would be way cleaner to just directly disconnect using a force flag - is this anywhere on the roadmap?

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Hey Sam, this is 100% on the road map though will probably take a little time. We’re figuring out the best way to implement a cascading update setting for relationships, as the force flag only works on delete.

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