Can't deploy anything, even on a new workspace and fresh init

Running into all kinds of bugs trying to deploy a new function that simply tests the import of a 3rd party package. Now I can’t even get a 8base init and 8base deploy on a clean install working.

Ok, so apparently my 8base login credentials expired WHILE I was in between deploys… That’s incredibly frustrating. I am trying to debug errors with a function, and while inbetween debugging deploys login expires and I get this random “error: undefined”. I assumed it was something wrong with what I am tweaking so I undo a bunhc of changes to try and get it back to a working state which it doesn’t. So then I try to create a new gatsby project, add base configuration, which continues to fail. So I go all the way back to a raw 8base init and 8base deploy and still fails in the same way.

Wasted a good hour. Things like this look very bad for 8base. I REALLY want to use this product but keep running into random stuff like this that is extremely discouraging.

@tehfailsafe Could provide us more info please. What CLI version are you using? Also could you please run “8base deploy -d” and send us a log?

@tehfailsafe we uploaded a fix. Could you please check if your problem solved and let me know. Thanks!

Maybe I wasn’t clear, it is currently working before the fix added. I had to run 8base login and everything deployed correctly.

This leads me to think at some point while debugging my function my session expired, but I had no way of knowing. There should be a “You need to be logged in” error response instead of a “undefined” blank error

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@tehfailsafe We investigated your problem and there was an issue with AWS Lambda. We fixed it so this won’t happen again. Thanks!