Can't delete relational field from table


I have two table and relation between one field which is one to one configuration its saved but now I want to delete but can’t.
Getting something went wrong during database request error how can I resolve…?

Share workspace id and table name, please. it will help us to investigate the problem

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Workspace Id : clbo2i8t801c808jz345g112d
table name : consumers
field name : Countries which relational with Country table

thanks for the response
We’ve reviewed your case, confirm that it’s a bug. We will fix it.
For now, to fix it quickly for you we can go next ways

  1. if you don’t need data in consumers table, just run destroy by filter mutation
mutation m {
    filter:{ id: { not_equals: "" } }
  ) {
  1. if you need data from this table, let us know, we will fix index for this table and you should be able to delete the field