Can't create anything from my development environment

I have an issue with my current setup from 8base backend. I have a local environment, from which I can run local functions, and they do what is expected, they can query and create records in the DB; it also works if I try to do it from the API explorer. However, when I try to use postman, or the current application to make mutations, it throws a foreign key error in the createdBy property. It seems like it cannot create any record because it fails a constraint validation on the createdBy field, not sure how to solve that.

Hi @yeinson.valencia ,

Welcome to the community! Just a couple of questions to get the ball rolling on this.

Are you attempting to set the createdBy field yourself? How are you authenticating via Postman and/or the current application?

Hello @yeinson.valencia,
Could you also send us the workspace Id (id of your API endpoint) and the exact error message you’ve got?

Hey @yeinson.valencia ,

Just checking in, did everything end up working out here?