Cannot import csv due to error

Hello, I want to add new content (videos) to my database in my app and I cannot import the csv file. It always gives me error. I’ve tried everything now from formatting differently etc. Please help. I don’t want to add them one by one.

Hi @lemioDev Oscar Corcho here from 8base. let me know more about the issue, what is the error?, can you attach images if you want.

Appart from that, let me know what is your workspace id. You will find it at the URL something like<Your Workspace ID>

Hello Oscar, this is the workspace ID: cl9qmksdc035c09mh5ei89neo

It always says the csv file is invalid.
I tried a csv validator and the file had four errors when converting the excel file to csv due to the titles. Some titles had commas so when converting to csv, the rows got more columns than normal. I fixed it but 8Base still says the csv file is invalid.