Can we control which GQL operations are available in our schema?

Hi, I’ve just started playing with 8Base, and am wondering if it’s possible to clean up my schema? There are a lot of operations I’m not interested in using in my application which are adding noise while browsing my schema, and I’m used to building against very clean schemas suited to my products’ use cases.

However, as far as I understand (please let me know if this is wrong), I need a fully-fledged schema available to my functions as that’s the only way I can carry out CRUD operations on my data?

If that is correct, it would be great to have both an internal-facing schema with everything I might need for my functions, then the ability to either whitelist or blacklist operations for my application-facing schema.

I’m of course open to guidance if you feel my mindset on this is unnecessary.



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I’ll answer you soon. Sorry about the wait.

Lada Kokotova | Technical Support Engineer

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Hey Marky - this is actually something we’ve been discussing in our V2 API design. I totally agree with your request.

Currently, there’s no way of hiding schema but only using permissions to control which operations are available to different user roles (Roles & Permissions).