"Build path does not exist"

When I try to deploy my Custom functions to the selected workspace I get this error, it randomly appears and randomly fix himself, why?
Captura de Pantalla 2022-04-06 a la(s) 12.01.00 p. m.

Most possibly it is caused by your dependencies overall size which cannot exceed 50 MB zipped and 250 MB unzipped.
We’ve already have the task for making the error message more user-friendly.
Can you send me your workspaceId to foma.bagiyan@8baes.com and I will check the logs to make sure it is the reason?

sure, I will
Bit when I remove the dependences from the package.json, I get the same result

Problem solved.
The issue was caused because of unused dependences
I checked how to check unused dependences and then delete them, here is a link that can help:

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