Available regions?

Hi there, would really like to use 8base but last time I checked the only region was in US which I’m assuming would lead to big latency in requests from Europe.

I believe there was talk of there being an EU region on the cards? I just created a new workspace but didn’t see an option to specify region.


Hey Andre!

We currently have EU and SP regions for enterprise and agency customers. Unfortunately, we’re not yet rolling them out for developer accounts.

Are you using 8base for personal projects or within an agency/business?

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Appreciate the reply. Sorry for my slow response.

At this stage we’d just be interested in testing out the platform, it seems promising but wouldn’t really be able to fully test it with the latency involved with a US-based server.

We currently mainly work on one decent-sized application (but still internal) and a few small ones. It would be hard for us to commit to paying large monthly fees based on that.

It seems a shame to me that full information with region availability isn’t easy to find. Are there much higher costs/complexities involved for you guys to offer more than one region? If not, I’d say plans and pricing should be more related to usage and features than simply where in the world you are located.

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Hi Andre - I understand that the 8base platform fee seems less attractive than paying only for usage/features, especially when you have a small project.

We’ve looked at doing that type of pricing, however, it would simply decimate our business and there likely wouldn’t be an 8base at all. There are significant complexities involved for us to offer more than one region, as well as additional costs. The cost of us offering 8base infrastructure in Europe cannot be justified if we’re only earning several dollars because usage is 1,000 API cals, unfortunately.

What information couldn’t you find?