Allow setting custom access permissions to Table fields

Playing around with roles and permissions a little more, I can’t find a way to restrict users with a specific role from seeing data from fields that are of type “Table”.

For example, if I have a table called Teams that has a name and a list of users, when going to permissions for a role and clicking on “fields”, I only see name (along the auto-generated fields). It would be great to be able to restrict users from seeing which other users are in which teams, while allowing them to see the name.

Pretty sure you can do that with the Custom Filter option in the Roles section.

From what I can see, custom filters in the read column are to filter out users who shouldn’t be able to access the resource, not to specify what fields can be accessed if they have permissions.

I’d appreciate more detailed info on how to do this or screenshots if I’m missing something though.

Check out this page

At the bottom in the Custom Filters section.

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Again, I’m only seeing info on how to filter who can read/update different resources. What I’m trying to do is change what fields can be accessed by a role on a resource (specifically table fields). Does that make sense?

Ah, playing a bit more with this, I think I understand what you mean. To restrict a user’s access to table fields, I need to set a custom filter on that other table. This makes sense when you think about it, but was confusing at first since the permissions of fields on tables is in a different section.

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Actually looks like they added a Custom Access on the fields column in the Roles section. A much easier way to do this :slight_smile:

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