8base userSignupWithPassword - Cannot add or update a child row

Second time in a month, signups are broken in my live production environment.

When a user signs up they get this GraphQL error now:

message: "Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`8base_5dab9152b0bf73f9211c2747`.`UsersRoles`, CONSTRAINT `UsersRoles_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`userAId`) REFERENCES `Users` (`id`))"

I haven’t changed anything about user creation since it was working before.

More info:

This is using signupUserWithPassword

The 1 role which might be relevant is Guest. The Guest role obviously has permissions to Read, Update and Create everything on User. So shouldn’t be a permissions issue.

My Signup logic doesn’t deal with Roles at all, and I have nothing. named “userAId” so I’m pretty sure this is an internal 8base issue.

@MarkLyck it looks like you are returning incorrect data from after trigger.

You should return

  return {
    data: {

but it looks like you are retuning

    data: {
      result: "success"


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@evgeny.semushin Wow really sorry for labeling that as an emergency, and thank you SO SO much for figuring this out in such a short time.

I had no idea that the return of an After trigger would break User creation.

If anything if it did cause a change After the user was created, I would expect the function to throw an error but not Delete and break the entire signup.

Again I apologize for my mistake and mislabeling of this issue.

After switching the .after trigger back to return event.data signups are working again :phew: