8base stopped saving new sigup details in users table?

Hi @sebastian.scholl it was working earlier but when I am checking your react app example for hosted login with 8base, the new signup users are not getting added in the 8base users table. Is there an update or change ?

Hey Nikhil - no update or change here. It has to be a configuration. Can you help share more details about how you’re app is set up.

I followed the instructions same as in your video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDpfnp5SDxQ&t=809s
A month back I was able to see the new signup records in users table in 8base, I am talking about auth0 hosted login. Although you haven’t shown this in your video that new signup records are going to users table in 8base but I checked and it saving there, but now when I followed the same path, I can’t see records. Is there any other configuration required for this ?

So when the site redirects back to your application from the Hosted Login Page, you should have a callback component that renders in which you have a handleRedirect method (or any name you choose). In that method, you’ll parse the url fragment that was set by Auth0 to get back the auth results. It’s in there that then you can query to see that the user exists, and if they don’t exist make a userCreate mutation.

Are you getting an error back at this step that explains whether the user create is failing?