8base migration status not working

I’m trying to migrate my changes of database.
When I run the command 8base migration status, I get the following error : The project size is too big for the fast deployment. Please, try to remove the package-lock.json file or reduce node modules.
However I do not have any files in my directory except

  • 8base.yml
  • .workspace.json

Does anyone have an idea about this issue ?

Hey leo.

Have you tried with next commands?

–debug, -d Turn on debug logs [boolean]
–help, -h Show help [boolean]
–environment, -e Target environment [string]

With that command you can make a debugging related to migration status. On the other hand, if you want to upload your changes to 8base, you can try the next commands:

  • 8base migration generate
  • 8base migration commit

In addition, can you share your project structure and migrations?

For more information, you can check CI/CD System | 8base Docs