8base log out token

Is there any mutation for deleting the token of the user that is currently logged in with 8base auth, or is there any procces for logging out in my application that uses 8base services ?
I was reading the documentation but i didn’t find anything


The server doesn’t store jwt token. Token has an expiration date and you don’t need to log out to invalidate the token.

Lada Kokotova | Technical Support Engineer

So is there any way to keep the user logged in until the moment that he wants to log out, or the user will be only available too keep logged in until the token expires

Basically - yes, the user is being authenticated before id token expiration. So I guess you should implement client-web solution for refreshing the id token for already logged-in users.

I see that there is a “refreshToken” mutation in 8base, the only thing that I see as a trouble is that I only can refresh this token for 7 days, I saw this from a post of 2020, here in 8base community, I don’t know if it is still like this or till’ the user wants to log out

Hey @jetixsolorzano!
I’m a little confused) Can you describe the problem again step by step in detail?