8base for heavy ecommerce

Hello, I’ve check out the 8base features and found it’s a very promising one we need. My team is selecting a stack to use in our e-commerce project.

  1. I would like to get some ideas that can 8base be supported for heavy e-commerce.

What do I call heavy in this context?
10,000 users a day, 5 minutes session with an average of 40 pages per session.
The normal load is 8 am-8 pm, while peak load might have 5000 concurrent sessions.

Or should I use the ordinary way of setting up the plain stack in AWS or another cloud platform?

  1. I understand to create a caching system to reduce workload, does 8base has built-in cache support? I tried to find it in the doc but unfortunately didn’t found it.

Thank you.

Hey @padada

8base will work really well for your use-case. There are a dozen applications handling 10x that traffic/concurrency on 8base that are very performant.

Thank you