8Base Authentication with Cognito

Hi, @sebastian.scholl I tried well but couldn’t find any example/ guide/ tutorial/ docs related to 8Base authentication with Cognito, as like Auth0.
I was checking if I could find any AUTH_STRATEGIES for cognito, but no luck.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, 8base!

So for Cognito you’ll have to set it up as an openId provider or use 8base Auth (Cognito in background).

We need to develop some new auth tutorials and will hopefully have them by the end of the year.

Thanks, @sebastian.scholl, I tried the doc steps mentioned in the 8base for custom_auth, but looks like there is an issue with that, I have two questions here:

  • What this field expects from me, “OpenID Provider URL” while creating a “Authentication Profile” in 8Base, I tried a lot but it’s not accepting any, can you please guide from where I can get it to make it compatible as 8base.
  • As per 8base doc here: (https://docs.8base.com/docs/development-tools/sdk/auth/) in Custom_auth section what does this expect for 8Base authentication & OpenID one.

Gives error in case of CUSTOM_AUTH, As per your docs.

Waiting for your response.