8base as a cms and firebase for auth

hi we are very interested in using your platform, I just have a couple of questions please

  1. Can we use 8base as a cms? We were thinking of using it as normal but we are seeing if there is a way we could use it as our CMS as well?

  2. Can we use firebase auth with your platform as its unlimited and free?

  3. Would you reccomend a seperate headless cms?

  4. For our admin cms we were thinking of using forest admin would this work well with 8base?

Thank you for the help


We haven’t yet played with Forest admin, so please let us know what you find.

You can use Firebase as your auth provider for sure. Just make sure you choose “OpenID” as your auth type when configuring auth.

You’d be able to develop a custom CMS using 8base as the backend. What kind of CMS are you trying to develop?