Error when calling userSignUpWithPassword mutation

I’m trying to call userSignUpWithPassword from the 8base console to create a new user, but get this error:
Sign up with password cannot be used, when authorization is specified

Here’s the mutation I’m running:

mutation MyMutation {
  userSignUpWithPassword(password: "...", user: { email: "..." }) {

Anyone know what might be happening? My 8base user seems to have the same permissions as before when I was able to successfully create new users (maybe 2-3 months ago).

I believe this is happening because you are sending the request with an Authorization header.

You can only do the Signup request, with an unauthorized user. (if you’re using the API explorer it will always fail because of this as you can’t send an unauthorized request)

I believe this question was asked once or twice on here already, which I’m sure they gave a better explanation if needed.

That makes sense, thanks for the answer! I did disabled self signup on my workspace though, because I only want myself (as an 8base user) and authenticated users of my application with the right role to be able to signup users. I was able to create a user using userCreate, but that user doesn’t have a password and therefore can’t login.

Is there a way around this to make this kind of flow work (where users can’t self signup, but admins of the app can invite them)? I tried using userSignUpWithToken but it complains that the email in the token doesn’t match the email I’m trying to signup.

Here’s the question @MarkLyck referenced that I had missed:

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