8base Looks Great, But What Happens to Database if We Go Another Direction?


8base looks super useful and I can really only find praise for it online. I’m tempted to create a paid account for the company I work for, but I can’t find anywhere what would happen if I were to terminate the service if for some reason it didn’t up being the right tool for my small dev team (small number of devs; we are all regular-sized developers lol).

Is there an option to download one’s own database? Would I be stuck using a Logic function to move my data elsewhere or something along those lines? Or perhaps it would be possible to transfer the underlying AuroraDB to my company’s AWS account?

8base appears to be a perfect tool for our project, but some reassurance that we would be able to keep our data would be helpful. :grin: :wink:


Please shoot me an email at albert@8base.com so we can discuss. The data is yours to take and I can explain that and more as you evaluate whether we are the right solution.


:raised_hands:t2: Emailed from my work email address [this account was setup with my personal email] :space_invader:

Yes, a customer’s database can be migrated to another environment.

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